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CMS Wares provides a broad range of services to accommodate your content management needs. Whether it's web publishing, e-commerce, project portals, community collaboration or website audits, we'll help you develop and streamline your unique online solution in a rapid and cost-efficient process. Please read on and contact us for more information.

· Services in a Nutshell ·

CMS Customization ▸

CMS configuration, plugin, feature, and template development.

Content Optimization ▸

SEO, media, structural, and online text readability optimization.

Design Integration ▸

Integration and customization of designs and CMS theme packs.

Website Auditing ▸

Detailed content, interface, performance and security analysis.

E-Commerce Platforms ▸

Reliable and versatile systems for selling your goods and services.

Publishing Platforms ▸

Efficient authoring, publishing, and broadcasting of your content.

Custom Development ▸

Smart and robust software solutions coded from a scratch.

Data Processing ▸

Data conversion, structuring, migration, analysis and query tools.

Online Collaboration ▸

Creation and integration of multi-user tools and productive services.

Media Repositories ▸

Organizing, processing, and facilities for libraries and resources.

Language Processing ▸

Multilanguage tools, semantic templates, and text processing.

Free Consultation ▸

Connect with us — let's explore solutions to accommodate you.

Open-Source CMS Deployment

We'll implement and customize your project with the CMS software of your choice. We're happy to work with WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, OpenCart and other mainstream content management systems. If you have something more exotic to tackle, basic research is on the house. We have a long track record in all aspects of content management. More »

Custom Code Development Solutions

If existing solutions are too clunky, we're most at home developing software from a scratch. We can build atop our in-house development framework or use your preferred framework. We can code from the ground up or seamlessly extend your current software solution. Our bespoke code is streamlined, secure and easy to maintain. More »

Website and Content Optimization

Websites with unoptimized text and media will not serve you well. Don't lose your audience and visibility over it! We'll take care of mobile and search engine optimization and provide you with content editing guidance, optimize the assets on your website, and streamline whatever's holding you back from maximum impact. More »

Plugins and Modifications

If you need customizations to an existing project, we can create or configure plugins and extensions to meet your needs. Plugin development is available for most CMS platforms and, really, for anything that can use plugins. We can also modify or upgrade the core code under the hood to ensure you have a solution tailored for your particular needs. More »

Themes · Responsive and Mobile Design

We can implement custom designs into a theme packakge for your CMS of choice, or into your website's templating system. Responsive design principles help the designs display consistently and behave well on phones, tablets and computers alike. We can also tackle routine graphics design and media processing chores. More »

Community and Collaboration Solutions

Interactive services for your users, whether discussion forums, collaboration platforms, or project management hubs, are vital aspects of a project with a mission, and engaging additions to any website. We can craft solutions that plug seamlessly into your workflow and process, providing interaction with substance and retained value. More »

Databases and Search Resources

Big data in a rusty little bucket? Let us help you get it sorted. Document libraries, data repositories, research facilities — we'll make it well-structured and easily accessible, and develop tools that help you manage it without headaches. Data conversion, digital asset organization and custom search engines are routine work for us. More »

Security and Usability Audits

Spaghetti and chunks of cheese go well on a plate, but not so on a live server. Don't get hacked. Your website needs to be probed for security vulnerabilities and usability bottle-necks to ensure the safety, reliability and accessibility of your services. We'll help you solidify your website and CMS to ensure it weathers the storms of the internet. More »

Need something different?

Creative solutions are regular sport for us. Please feel free to get in touch and review possible solutions for enhancing your online presence. Why not request a quote or have a go with your free consultation? Let's get the process rolling today.

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