Code & Content Management

Media Repository Development

Developing a successful content repository takes a lot of planning and the right technical solutions. Online libraries, media archives and other content resources are often hard to navigate and effectively search. We'll help you structure, process, and publish online your collection of materials, in a solid repository crafted to match your field, audience, and objectives.

Structuring & Access Vectors

Nobody will ever find anything in a massive pile of miscellaneous. Your content needs to be structured into a clear and accessible hierarchy, with multiple access vectors like authors, categories, and media types provided. We can examine your data and provide structuring suggestions to improve usability, and implement the desired content organization into your CMS.

Metadata & Content Indexing

For content to be accessible and searchable, texts and file metadata should be extracted from source files into a database index. The more paths to the content you can generate and make available, the easier it will be for people to find the exact content and version they're looking for — along with associated content of interest. Also see: Data Processing.

Multiple Format Generation

Providing your content in multiple formats needn't be a manual process. We can help you automate the generation of several target formats — e.g. different e-book and document formats for texts, or common audio and video formats for media files. All you need to do is upload a single file in a master format; our format processing framework will derive the rest.

Repository Search Engine

A single little search box doesn't cut it when there's lots to search. We'll create a custom search engine supporting both simple and in-depth queries — where advanced users can easily and precisely locate the exact subset of content they're looking for. Full-text search and complex query expressions are invaluable tools for power users like curators and researchers.

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