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CMS Customization Services

The best CMS in its default state is dead. Your solution needs to be unique. It needs to be customized to match your distinct style and exact intention. Whichever CMS you may choose, priming it for action is what we're here for.

CMS Choice, Installation & Initial Configuration

We'll help you through the first steps of the process. Here are the basic moves:

  • Choosing a CMS platform that's adequate for your needs? Describe your project and we'll match it with a solution that works and scales as your site evolves.
  • CMS installation and initial configuration? We'll install the CMS on your server – or help move it to a new web host – and ensure everything's securely in place.

CMS Plugins and Feature Development

Your CMS needs to have the functions that can technically fulfill your intention.

  • We can deploy ready-made plugins and customize them for your website.
  • If you need unique functionality, we'll develop new CMS features from a scratch.

Content Management Templates & Site Themes

Make the CMS look reflect your brand with unique themes and page or module layouts.

  • You can select a ready-made theme and we'll help you customize the branding and layouts.
  • You can provide us with a design in which-ever format and we'll turn it into a CMS theme pack.

Read more about design integration to find out what we can and what we won't do in the wonderful world of design.

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