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We don't publish our customers here. What follows is an overview of the types of customers we commonly serve and the modes of service we provide. For more detail, please review our services section for the kinds of development work we deal with.

Small and Medium Business

SME clients typically need a website or a CMS implementation, coupled with design integration and content optimization, with some extended CMS functionality. We provide a streamlined and stable business solution along with the necessary staff training and orientation, developing with a proactive eye for common emergent needs. While we're around in times of need, we aim to deliver a low-maintenance turnkey solution that you or your team can manage independently.

NGOs and Non-Profit Projects

Non-profit clients, aside having a clear informational website, commonly need facilities for online collaboration and interactive engagement, content repositories, and other public resources that help extend their operations online. We implement in tune with the target audience and help monitor the deployment of your new platform. Non-profits typically enjoy the benefit of free extras chipped in as the project evolves. We've grown keen on helping those who help others.

Webmasters and Developers

Web developers and webmasters often find the contributions of a seasoned coder-developer useful. We help you out with content and site optimization, with developing data integration systems, with security and software auditing, and in optimizing other aspects of website development. We don't just fix things up. We share the why and the how of the works, empowering you with insight to better deal with routine site management and code tuning concerns that emerge down the road.

Academic & Other Research

Researchers and enthusiasts tend to be more about the exact function. While we like to keep it pretty, we're all about developing precise tools and functionality that optimize and deepen your investigations. Geeks of several orders ourselves, we're savvy developing structured repositories coupled with custom data management, transformation and query tools. Let us help you convert the bulk of your materials into an easily accessible online whole with multiple vectors of insight and operation.

Corporate Clients

Our services are provided primarily by the chief wizard alone, and as such we don't have the resources to accommodate the demands of extensive corporate development projects. We're quite happy to deliver turnkey contract work though, developed and integrated in collaboration with your IT people. We also provide consultation services to help you land with the exact solution you're in need of, for a cost that makes sense, in a manner that doesn't twist and return to haunt you in the future.

Contact Us for More Insight!

Whatever your field of operations, chances are we can contribute decent insight and viable solutions. For more details, please e-mail us at or fill in the form below — or opt for our free consultation service.

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