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Design Integration Services

Unique and well-structured design is crucial to an engaging website. CMS default themes are generic and boring. You need to stand out from the crowd. We'll help you integrate your brand and look into your content management system – and ensure that it works correctly in each section and module of your individual website.

Theme Pack Customization

There are lots of ready-made designs out there for mainstream CMS platforms. You could just install one of them and call it a day — but so could anyone else. That ready theme needs to be customized to establish your project's feel online. Color schemes, typefaces and page layouts have to be crafted to fit your particular bill. That's what we're here for.

Custom Design Integration

If your particular brand or style of design is established in print media, or if your layouts are outside the box, you may find that it's easier to craft a theme pack from a scratch. Simply provide us with a file of your intended design. We'll convert it into HTML/CSS and integrate it with the templating engine of your CMS with any applicable layouts, widgets and templates.

Platforms We Work With

While most of our experience is with Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal, we've built skins, themes and templates for a range of apps and platforms over the years. If your CMS or website has a way of handling design templates, we'll sort it out. If it doesn't, we'll figure it out anyway, or walk you through a seamless upgrade that makes your unique look online a reality.

Design Work We Don't Do

While graphics design is in our skill-set, we typically avoid creative design from a scratch. The process is often convoluted and time-consuming, and we're really coders at heart. Exceptions apply if you have a clear concept and can trust our sense of implementation — or fancy paying per hour through the 33rd revision. We'd recommend working with a separate designer. ^_^

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