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Online Collaboration Solutions

Facilitating teams and communities takes a well-tuned online collaboration solution. A platform should support the group's natural productive dynamic — not get in its way with awkward UI design and functionally impaired tools. Subsequent output and insights should be harvested and archived in a system that allows easy access and reuse of all the generated assets.

Third-Party Service & Software Integration

If you have collaboration tools of choice, you may like to integrate them with your primary web solution. Whether it's simply the importing and exporting of assets or summaries, or a full API-based native integration, we'll take care of it.

  • If you use an existing online collaboration tool or project management solution — whether you're on Slack, Trello, Asana, GitHub, Dropbox or G Suite — we'll get you linked as far as their API allows.
  • If you have existing software installed on your server, we'll interface it seamlessly with your website or intranet platform. If there's no API provided, we'll create one and hook it up with your system.

Custom Web Collaboration Solutions

Your needs may be beyond the mainstream, where no software exists with the dynamic you seek. We'll help you design your collaboration platform from the ground up, tailored to support your case, yet modular and fluid so as to not hinder your evolution. Our solution can function both in integration with your CMS and as a stand-alone platform. Basic steps:

  • Systems Design / Blueprint: Sketching flowcharts and system diagrams to evaluate and establish the intended interaction dynamic, its outputs, and the architecture it requires.
  • Prototyping & Beta Testing: Coding the code, of course. Then emulating intended interaction with test cases, followed by live beta-testing with a select group of platform adopters.
  • Release & Evolution: Once the quirks are ironed out and the gaps filled in, we're live and in action. When faced with emergent needs to extend your solution, we can integrate new features rapidly.

We can craft your custom solution entirely from a scratch, or integrate select third-party tools into the framework. Read more on bespoke code and software modifications under custom development. Please contact us for free project consultation.

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