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E-Commerce Platforms

You have goods to sell, but is anyone buying? We can't supply you with quality goods to sell – unless you're a CMS Wares affiliate! – but we can surely set you up with a solid e-commerce platform with all the tools you need for your success. The following is by no means an exhaustive list of what we can do for your web store. Ask away and we'll provide more details for your case.

E-commerce Platforms

There are plenty of solutions out there, with OpenCart, Magento, ZenCart and WooCommerce but few of the popular ones. When real money is involved, you'll want to either choose a proven platform, or collaborate with seasoned developers who can ensure that your solution is bullet-proof. We'll help you configure and customize your platform, or create a bespoke solution if necessary, and take care of importing your product index into the database as part of the initial deployment.

Products and Inventories

If you have more than a dozen trinkets in your store, robust product and inventory management isn't optional. If you have products with options for color, size, etc., or bulk discount models, we'll make sure this is accomodated both in your store and in your back-end tools. Summary views, reports and alerts can be generated to your specification. If your records are in spreadsheets or in a separate database, we'll get the source data linked and synchronized with the web store database.

Payment Processing

Mainstream e-commerce platforms ship with, or can be extended with, ready modules for common payment processors. We'll help you deploy and test the payment gateways you prefer to use; whether it's PayPal, Skrill, 2CheckOut or Bitcoin, it's business as usual for us. If you have a more exotic or a local payment processor, as long as they provide an API, we'll take care of it. We will also secure your site and server to ensure that your customer data and transactions remain safe and free of anomalies.

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