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CMS Philosophy · The SysOp's A&O

There's a basic systems philosophy to ensure your CMS platform operates as a meaningful whole. Somewhere in the confluence of Pythagoras, Tao Te Ching, Hello Kitty et al, we find the fabled golden median where appearance and function combine into a seamless framework to engage your users and to actuate your strategy and intentions. Let's take it from the ground up.

Major Aspects of CMS Works

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Results CMS generates value as insights, conversions, and digital assets.

Performance CMS with robust and optimized code, minimal page render times.

Security Elimination of all vulnerabilities and loopholes in application logic.
Actuation CMS functions as a whole to fulfill your complete online strategy.

Works CMS is a nexus of many integrated facets. Let's make it wholesome.

Stability No bugs or quirks; CMS scales well, has backups and fallback models.
Ease-of-Use CMS has intuitive interfaces and an engaging flow of functionality.

Appearance Polished and consistent CMS look in tune with your project branding.

Clarity CMS has coherent site structures and self-explanatory operation logic.

Stability — Solid Fluid Base

Your CMS has to be proven stable with thorough testing and pounding from every direction. There's no room for bugs and quirks to compromise its function. A CMS needs to be architecturally solid yet not made of bedrock, flexible and fluid enough to allow for ease of future evolution. Backups and history states are necessary to ensure the system can be reverted to an earlier stable state. Fallback models are engineered to ensure the continuity of operation under unexpected circumstances.

Clarity — Logic and Structure

Your CMS has to be coherent both in terms of structure and operation logic. Both content and user interfaces require a clear, unambiguous structure for ease of orientation. Whatever action a user or an administrator takes, there should be an expected response with no side-effects and with clear feedback provided. The more self-evident everything is, the less cognitive strain the platform generates. The clarity of orientation and the productivity of your platform are inseparable.

Appearance — Look and Feel

Your CMS has to look inviting and to establish an environment and identity the user resonates with. When everything is well-polished and the design patterns are consistent, the platform becomes a welcoming and familiar space to return to. Users or administrators may enjoy an option for tuning the base appearance with individual, cultural, seasonal, or other thematic adjustments. Unshapely look and feel, while not the essence of things, can be a hindrance to engagement.

Ease-of-Use — Like a Breeze

Your CMS has to be intuitive to operate. Any established workflow should be a path of minimum interaction toward the desired outcome. Commonly associated actions should be grouped together for ease of operation. An awkward click-around maze with scattered switches will eventually wear out and discourage even the most dedicated user. A rudimentary AI that anticipates emergent needs and facilitates recurring processes on a per-user or per-case basis would lift you a notch above the ordinary.

Security — The Lightning Rod

Your CMS will be attacked! It's only a matter of time before you are a target. Common vulnerabilities are widely exploited yet often neglected by unwitting developers. Your system needs to be probed for each known vector, common and exotic alike, along with anomalies in your application logic that may leave a door open for malicious action. User action analysis and auto-ban, routine integrity verification, and bulletproof redundant networks are among the measures you can take to secure your bases.

Performance — Blazing Speeds

Your CMS has to be robust and responsive at all times. The code under the hood should be optimized for each task, free of redundant routines and excessive processing. Site assets that are served out should have a minimal imprint to ensure swift network delivery and rapid browser rendering. The platform should utilize an intelligent cache and be developed with peak loads in mind, with fallback scenarios and partial operation ensured under unexpected usage surges.

Results — Harvest Time

Your CMS has to produce value as insights, conversions, digital assets, etc. While the obvious immediate value lies in user conversion, ie. desired actions taken, in fact every input and interaction has a potential you can harness for good effect. The system should ensure everything is stored and processed in a manner that makes it useful and accessible for further action. Your task is in figuring out what all you can make of it. We'll provide pointers enough to stimulate the shaping of your strategy.

Actuation — Heaven's Way

Your CMS should fulfill your strategy and intentions. If the platform works as a well-integrated whole, seamlessly serving your and your users' needs, you're half-way there. When the platform evolves in response to the emergent needs, you're getting closer to heaven still. None can guarantee your success, but if the concepts in your foundation are sound, and with dedicated efforts and reflection both online and offline, the sky is not the limit of your progress. Thus spoke the SysOp of ancient days.

On that note, we call it a session's worth.
  The muses have returned to their quarters;
  An abstract wizard is bodhing in his codes.

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