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Custom Development Services

We major in custom software development for the simple reason of its freedom, flexibility and exactitude. Tinkering with third-party solutions can be frustrating for those of us who know exactly what we need and how everything should function. If you have your bespoke code developed with us, you can expect:

  • Software tailored to your exact needs, based on the specifications we agree on together.
  • Clean, robust and secure code, thoroughly tested for bugs, vulnerabilities and performance.
  • Modular OOP software architecture, supporting easy modification and project evolution.
  • Free bug fixes for the lifetime, and free upgrades when we have parallel enhanced code.
  • Developer and end-user docs — so you know how to use, and others know how to tweak.

Please contact us for a free consultation to review your needs and the development solutions we can match you with.

Full-Platform CMS Solutions

Need a complete CMS solution in one integrated package? We'll create a custom CMS setup tailored to your exact needs. Nothing more, nothing less — and lots of room to grow and scale into the future. We'll design and develop your CMS together from the blueprints onward, identifying all necessary functionality, with through testing, and live deployment.

Why not use one of the free CMSes out there? A "one-size-fits-all" platform is typically riddled with performance overhead and cluttered interfaces. If you don't need 80% of it, and you need 50% of something it doesn't have, it's probably not going to make for very cost-efficient development. Contact us for a free consultation to find out what type of solution best fits your bill.

Tools, Scripts and Utilities

So you have a task at hand but nothing to tackle it with? Describe your task — content analysis, batch modifications, data processing, resource indexing, or whatever else — and we'll fix you up with a simple piece of software that gets the job done. A script, the quickest piece to code, typically has configuration file options, while a tool or utility comes with a user interface.

Third-Party Software Modification

If your current solution is basically OK, but could use some tuning and modifications, let us take a good look at your code. We'll modify and extend, or troubleshoot and repair, or simply optimize the code behind your online platform or website. We can handle both mainstream software (see CMS Customization) and existing custom software solutions.

Our ability to modify our bespoke code is unlimited. Not so with third-party software, where each case is different. We'd rather not turn upside-down the guts of a third-party tool to support something it clearly wasn't designed for. In many cases, creating a fresh custom solution is the more cost-efficient path to take. Ask for a quote and find out where the best value stands for you.

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