Code & Content Management

Tools and Technologies

We use an industry standard suite of tools and technologies. It's not about riding the cutting edge. It's about deploying solutions that are efficient, stable, versatile and easy-to-maintain. It's about considering industry standards and best practices to engineer a solution that doesn't let you down mid-way through. Here's an overview of our basic toolbox and development philosophy.

PHP: Code Under The Hood

PHP7 provides a decent set of tools for the expedient development of online applications and content management systems. Built with solid architecture in mind, modular and object-oriented, the code you get from us is clear, robust, secure, and well-documented.

We're keen on coding from the ground-up with the help of a slim-lined in-house development framework. Still, should your project be built on Symphony, Laravel, your CMS of choice, or custom architecture, no matter at all – we'll get that code sorted for you.

MySQL: Open-Source Databases

Your lot of content and data need to be stored somewhere. We use MySQL/MariaDB to organize the assets behind your project. Database design is fully normalized and crafted with proper indexes and good performance in mind. We can also work with SQLite and other SQL applications and variants, along with other databases that are accessible with a PDO interface.

HTML & CSS: Structure and Looks

HTML5 and CSS3 are the staples of markup and styling that create a website view. We craft HTML markup and CSS style classes that are standards-compliant and uncluttered, tested for speed and compatibility in mainstream browsers and mobile devices.

JavaScript & AJAX: Dynamic Pages

Pages and apps come to life with interactivity via JavaScript and AJAX (without unnecessary page loading). Whether in vanilla code or with the help of frameworks like jQuery, Angular or React, we'll create an engaging and productive user experience.

Linux & Apache: Hosting Servers

Server and hosting software administration is an unavoidable aspect of your online deployment. With fair experience in server management and common server software, we can help you sort out the essentials and make sure the system's running optimal.

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