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It takes more than a season to master the craft. Without a solid background in the storms of the trade, it's rare to see bugs, vulnerabilities, architecture and performance concerns adequately addressed. Markus A.O. Loponen, the chief wizard at CMS Wares, is a veteran web developer and programmer in the trade since 2000. Over the years, he's...

  • Developed hundreds of small and medium business websites;
  • Coded a broad spectrum of custom apps, scripts and web tools;
  • Created a modular CMS platform (with Wiccle Ltd) from a scratch;
  • Collaborated with design, publishing and marketing companies;
  • Contributed thousands of volunteer hours toward online NGO projects;
  • Provided communities with collaboration and communication tools;
  • Consulted for high-level data analysis and systems thinking projects;
  • Created an in-house coding framework to expedite development.

Please browse my LinkedIn profile for more detail — or just get in touch and start the talks, no need to feel shy! Nobody bites here, save software bugs, and we're pretty good at squashing them 'til a place of no return. Don't forget — free consultation available.

~ Markus A.O.
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