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Website Auditing Services

Is your CMS or website performing spectacularly — or could it use some improvement? Content optimized, interfaces slick, zero vulnerabilities, scales under stress — is often not the case. We'll analyze your website and write a report on the aspects that could use some improvement, or that are cause for concern. We can obviously also implement the suggested changes.

  • Content Analysis: We'll examine the content on your site in terms of both search engines and human readers, analyzing both SEO and effortless readability.
  • Interface Analysis: We'll verify that your interface works well across devices, and has no obvious structural or visual shortcomings that impact user experience.
  • Performance Analysis: We'll examine the media assets that affect your site's loading speed, and look for any code-rooted performance bottlenecks.
  • Security Analysis: We'll probe your website and server for known vulnerability vectors that could lead to your website being hacked or your users exploited.

We can audit your site online or in-depth, where in-depth auditing requires access to your server and/or software. A typical online auditing takes at best a couple of working hours — and in-depth auditing depends very much on your software setup. We'll take a glance under the hood and give you an estimate for confirmation before proceeding with the audit.

Our website auditing focuses on immediate and obvious aspects of your site that work against common best practice and current industry standards. We won't be pitching all sorts of lofty possibilities for you — unless you ask for it. While we use third-party tools to provide some analytical data (which you will also receive), our report is hand-crafted for you. Ask for a quote!

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