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Web Publishing Platforms

Successful online publishing takes a lot more than a basic WordPress installation. Whether a news platform or an enthusiast blog, it's better to cover the basics well: You need efficient authoring tools. You need a CMS that helps you easily organize and publish your content. You also need tools to help you broadcast beyond your website. We'll get you up and running.

Efficient Authoring Tools

Every CMS has a text editor of some description. It's good for fixing the random typo or adding in a sentence. Is it your preferred choice for a content editor, though? We can tune up or replace the default CMS editor. If you'd rather author in a proper word processor or other dedicated tool, don't just copy-paste the final. We'll set you up with a workflow that accepts your source format and extracts the content for publishing. You can also batch import your writings into the CMS.

Content Organization System

Every piece of content has its place, and often enough multiple places. We'll provide you with a content organizing system that facilitates the content hierarchies you desire, with multi-level categories, tags and other metadata vectors, and so on. If you need additional tools and structures to facilitate your publishing workflow, be it by yourself or in a multi-author environment, all we need from you is the specification on how it all should work and come together.

Content Analysis Utilities

When your texts are in the system, you can use a spectrum of tools to analyze and optimize the content for search engines and for your readers alike. Whether for tuning keyword saturation or reviewing readability metrics, or for cross-referencing and comparing content and metadata across the database for quality and consistency, we'll develop tools that help you maximize the impact of your content. You may also find our content optimization section relevant.

Multi-Environment Publishing

If you promote or publish your content on multiple platforms, spare yourself from copy-pasting and manually posting it at each and every venue. We'll provide you with a one-stop publishing hub that integrates with your platforms of choice, as far as their API and terms allow, to make your chores easier. No need to separately visit Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and the rest to ping your content out. If you've ever had to edit a post shared on several platforms, you know how useful this would be.

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