Code & Content Management

Language Processing Services

Project international, language templates, or unidentified content? Whether your website's going multi-language and needs localization tools, you require semantic templates to render data into a human-readable format, or need to have your texts algorithmically analyzed and sorted, we can customize your CMS or create accessory tools to make it happen.

Multi-Language CMS Solutions

Few CMS platforms have multi-language support out of the box. We'll develop a solution that helps you fully localize your website. One aspect in localization is accommodating your content in multiple languages. The other aspect is creating language packs that customize the website's user interface. All you need to do is translate. We'll handle the integration.

Semantic Templates & Data Rendering

If you have the facts and figures in a database, we can help you spell it out. Semantic templates will make your raw data easily accessible to human readers and search engines alike. What's more, the same essential data content can be rendered out in several lengths, styles, formats and languages. You can gain multitudes of fresh content with this white-hat SEO boost.

Content Analysis & Processing

When your texts aren't machine-readable, it's difficult to maximize their value online. We can analyze and process your texts with algorithms we design together, identifying and sorting content, toward machine-readable files with rich metadata and in-text markup that lets you cross-reference individual texts and better understand and manage the whole.

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